SMRC Awarded Premiere IT IDIQ NOAALink Small Business Refresh with $2.5B Ceiling Value

SMRC is excited to announce its latest contract award in support of the Department of Commerce (DOC) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): the NOAALink Small Business (SB) Refresh. One of only four successful offerors, SMRC is honored to support NOAA’s premiere information technology (IT) IDIQ with a ceiling value of $2.5B to improve IT acquisition practices across NOAA, establish enterprise-wide solutions, standardize common IT products and services, and recognize the most significant cost advantages possible to process IT requirements for every line and staff office across the organization.

When asked why SMRC is so excited to support the NOAALink SB Refresh, CEO Neelu Modali gave three reasons:

  1. Over our 26 year working history and 15+ contracts supporting NOAA, SMRC has developed a deep understanding of the NOAA Mission, preparing our team to manage this opportunity successfully.
  2. This award reflects the true intersection of science and IT within our organization.
  3. This is an ideal opportunity to bring intelligence and best practices from other Federal customers to the NOAA IT community.

In its new role as IT advisor, SMRC will provide guidance and insight into the strategic alignment of NOAA IT investments across various areas of work, including customer care, infrastructure management, business management, and information security and risk management.

About SM Resources Corporation SMRC is a small disadvantaged business (SDB) with a mature infrastructure and interdisciplinary workforce of 150+ employees across 18+ nationwide and international locations, delivering innovative best practices in IT, Science, Engineering & Program Support to Federal clients based on core values of collaboration, community, stewardship, trust, and transparency.