SMRC Awarded NOAALink TO Supporting NWS CHPS

FALLS CHURCH, Va. ,— June 19, 2017. SMRC is awarded a contract from the National Weather Service (NWS) to aid NOAALink and provide operational support for the Community Hydrologic Protection System (CHPS). These services will be provided for 3 years at the Duty Station of the Hydrology Support Group (HSG), which is also the headquarters of the National Weather Service, located in Silver Spring, MD.

As a prime contractor on our first NOAALINK Task Order Award, SMRC is excited to assist these efforts at the National Weather Service’s (NWS) 13 River Forecast Centers (RFCs) to perform the flood and water resources modeling and forecasting services. The objective of this task it to support and supplement CHPS “help desk” functions performed by the Hydrology Support Group (HSG) in the Office of Central Processing (OCP) Field Support and Infrastructure Team (FSIT).

Specifically, SMRC will be providing services in accordance to the operating plan goal of the NWS to supply constant support to address operational issues related to AWIPS and CHPS hydrologic software at 13 RFCs and 122 WFOs.

According to SMRC CEO, Neelu Modali, this first task order award is an opportunity to show NWS and other NOAA line offices that SMRC truly upholds the NOAALink ideals of serving NOAA needs with cost-effective, enterprise-wide IT solutions, improved service delivery, and program-level requirements insight and management.

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