SMRC Awarded NOAALinkTask Order with Pacific Marine Environmental Library

SM Resources Corporation (SMRC) was awarded its third NOAALink task order supporting Ocean and Atmospheric Research (OAR) office at the Pacific Marine Environmental Library (PMEL). SMRC was awarded the NOAALink IDIQ Contract in December 2016, which serves as the premier IT Services Vehicle at NOAA. This will be SMRC’s first NOAALink Task Order supporting the OAR office.

SMRC will be providing IT support services at the PMEL’s Computing and Networking Services Division (CNSD) performing IT network, server, and desktop support services. Specifically, SMRC will be providing services in accordance to the operating plan goal of the CNSD to transition to a more cloud-based, shared services operation which will increase efficiency and reduce costs. These services will be provided for 3 years at the Pacific Marine Environmental Library (PMEL), which is located in Seattle, WA.

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