SMRC Awarded NOAALinkTask Order with OAR

FALLS CHURCH, Va. ,— April 4, 2018. SM Resources Corporation (SMRC) was awarded its 6th NOAALink task order supporting the High Performance Computing Support Services for the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) within the Office of Atmospheric Research (OAR) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The GLERL mission is conduct innovative research on the dynamic environments and ecosystems of the Great Lakes to provide information for resource use and management decisions that lead to safe and sustainable ecosystems, ecosystem services, and human communities. SMRC was awarded the NOAALink IDIQ Contract in December 2016, which serves as the premier IT Services Vehicle at NOAA. SMRC will be supporting the GLERL through providing system administration for high performance computing (HPC) platforms and end-user desktop platforms, installation and support of system and application software, including diagnosis and tuning of system performance. In addition, SMRC will be providing long-term planning and system development support to GLERL through interpreting and maintaining existing IT security policies as well as mandates from NOAA to help develop new GLERL-specific policies as needed for the HPC Cluster and the additional servers under management. Through applying technical expertise and innovative approaches, SMRC will enable the GLERL stakeholders to use the environmental and ecosystem research to make educated decisions that impact our nation. According to SMRC CEO, Neelu Modali, “ Our 26 years of experience at NOAA has given us a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of NOAA and its line offices, and our strategic and technical professionals have a long-standing history of providing roadmaps for organizations that promote innovation, efficiency, and overall mission success”.
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