Dive into our Culture

Our people: the generation of innovation.

Our culture has a pulsating heart and vibrant soul; much like our rapidly evolving world.

Walk thru our office and you might come across some people brainstorming how to pull data from disparate sources so they can turn a game-changing idea into reality. Stroll to the next room, and you may observe a few people laughing about last night’s late night comedy shtick.


That’s SMRC.

Our culture is the perfect balance of corporate maturity and technological ingenuity. Our office is like a playground of creative idea and technological innovation. And it is not by accident. But rather by choice and design. Our culture is and always will be defined by our people. They are our history, present, and future. They defined us; and continue to press for constant corporate evolution.

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We have woven four business practices into our DNA:

Recruit and nurture multidisciplinary professionals with postgraduate degrees in a hard science
Design and support project teams comprising introverts and extroverts, writers and researchers
Encourage and stimulate self-organizing scientific communities that focus on interesting problems
Hold topic-specific ideations to collaboratively think of practical ideas accelerate technological innovation