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SMRC Community

Once you’re a part of the SMRC community, there are many benefits – not only to community members but also to the Federal clients we serve. Together, we possess a greater arsenal of best practices and lessons learned to contribute to each unique client mission at any geographic location.

SMRC’s Community Touchpoint Program facilitates real-time sharing of mission understanding for real-time access to niche consultants and subject matter experts, Senior Advisors, firms (large, small, and niche), technology innovation partners, Universities, research organizations, non-profits, and the next-generation of talented recruits by geographic location through digital and in-person touchpoints.


Design elegant and precise solutions

Using our customized online SMRC Task Order Response Management System (STORMS), SMRC organizes multi-party scientific communities that self-organize free-flowing ideation groups, design elegant and precise solutions, and transform concepts into practical programs and plans.

STORMS helps SMRC compete smarter and better. Because of our investment and reliance in this interactive platform, we are among the only companies capable of responding to every Task Order request. Moreover, the system’s purpose, by its very nature, embodies the characteristics that are often used to describe SMRC: streamlined, fast, agile, responsive, flexible, and assertive.

Features of STORMS:

Register, monitor, and manage an opportunity

View an entire IDIQ-specific calendar of capture, ideation, proposal, and social activities, milestones, and events

Communicate members of our ever-expanding scientific communities, generally and IDIQ-specific

Submit individual and group contributions to capture, ideation, proposal, and social activities

Create and manage your own social profile with professional background and scientific interests

Manage and communicate with your social network of friends, colleagues, and collaborators

Access and view IDIQ-specific contract history and specific Task Order contract documents and artifacts

Contribute thought leadership through papers, briefings, and online publishing

Digital Touchpoints

Real-time opportunity communication (Federal need and geographic location)

Monthly Webinars

Interactive Online Calendar (networking events, etc.)

STORMS forum to share innovative ideas, technology, research & published articles/abstracts

Follow SMRC PMO on #CommunityConnect to find out where we are and what we’re doing

In-Person Touchpoints

Community Responsibility Program (opportunities to support citizens groups, donate to community events, STEM scholarships)

Quarterly In-person Tag-ups

Conference & Meeting Attendance