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July 12, 2010

SMRC Scientists and Solar Sails - 2nd Int'l Symposium on Solar Sailing in NYC



S M Resources Corporation (SMRC) Scientists Explore Environmental Monitoring Opportunities Offered by Novel Means for Planetary Flight at the Second International Symposium on Solar Sailing in New York (July 20, 21, and 22, 2010).

Lanham, Maryland July 12, 2010 – S M Resources Corporation (SMRC) and NOAA NESDIS scientists will coauthor a study on the new opportunities offered by solar sailing to environmental monitoring. The study by the title “Solar Sails in Artificial Lagrange Orbits as Environmental Remote Sensing Platforms” will quantify the parameters of the environmental variables observable from satellites on Altered Lagrange Orbits (ALO).

In the last 20 years, several studies highlighted the advantages possibly offered to remote sensing by orbits at the point of equilibrium between Sun and Earth (Lagrange Orbits). Solar sailing technologies presently being developed in the United States and abroad, could offer the additional advantage of maintaining satellites for an unlimited amount of time on orbits of this type that are altered in order to stay off the plane of the ecliptic (ALO). The small but inexhaustible pressure that the sun would exercise on the sails could allow environmental satellites to hover at angles suitable for continuous uninterrupted monitoring of the Polar Regions.

This study will discuss the environmental variables observable from ALO’s on the basis of observations taken by the Galileo probe during one of its Earth flyby on the way to Jupiter, and will show how satellites from ALO could monitor weather and radiation parameters over the Poles more efficiently and directly than presently possible from geosynchronous and low elevation orbits.

About S M Resources Corporation
Founded in 1991, S M Resources Corporation (SMRC) focuses exclusively on solving our nation's most pressing, complex challenges. From helping the U.S. military test environmental, chemical, and biological instruments to facilitating the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) medical response tobiological and chemical agents to facilitating NOAA's assessment of climate vulnerability, the company has been on the ground, immersed in the issue. Entering its 21st year in business, SMRC offers mission critical solutions in science, technology, and engineering.

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