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November 1, 2010

SMRC Awarded Federal Contract by US Army, Value $14,180



Lanham, Maryland November 1, 2010 – S M Resources Corporation (SMRC) has been awarded a prime contract by the U.S. Army, at Fort Rucker for the “Digitization for Aviation Library” project.

SMRC will be digitizing a large video and paper collection for the Aviation Technical Library at Fort Rucker, Alabama. This collection includes the Aviation Digest magazines, Aviation Command Histories and VHS video tapes. SMRC has a strong past performance history of providing digitization services to Army libraries, historians and museums at multiple installations.

About S M Resources Corporation
Founded in 1991, S M Resources Corporation (SMRC) focuses exclusively on solving our nation's most pressing, complex challenges. From helping the U.S. military test environmental, chemical, and biological instruments to facilitating the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) medical response tobiological and chemical agents to facilitating NOAA's assessment of climate vulnerability, the company has been on the ground, immersed in the issue. Entering its 21st year in business, SMRC offers mission critical solutions in science, technology, and engineering.

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