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March 28, 2011

SMRC Congratulates Loudoun County Science Fair Winners



Ashburn, Virginia March 28, 2011 – S M Resources Corporation (SMRC) would like to congratulate the winners of the 2011 Loudoun County Regional Science & Engineering Fair "Aspiring Scientist Awards". We wish them the best in their pursuit of science!

Andre Oreshkov - Comparing Amateur Crater Measurements to NASA Measurements

Lucynda Scheffer - The Correlation Between Mitochondria and Synapses in the Optic Lobe of the Fruit Fly

John Rackoski - The Effect of Sunlight on the Tunneling Distance of Pogonomyrmex

Jeffrey Greenfield - The Accuracy of a Mid-Range Weather Forecast

Nazifa Khan - How Does the Distance of a Ripe Apple Affect the Number of Days Ripening the Unripe Apple

Melanie Nelson - The Effect of Road Salt on Salinity

Ross Clark - The Attenuation Ability of Different Metallic Films on WiFi Signal Strength

Alexandra Lord - Barriers to Medical-Error Reporting in the NICU

Kyle Bowers - Correlation Between Video Game Colors and Their Ratings

Jacqueline Degroat - The Relationship Between pH Level and Coliform Bacteria Levels Between Man-Made versus Natural Ponds

Tatiana Liu - The Effect of Algae Strains Scenedesmus and Stigeoclonium on the Removal of Inorganic Nitrogen

Richard Bowers - How Does Birthrate Affect Lifespan?

Ian Coombs - Canine Ability to Recognize Spoken Words

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